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Shutters are a stylish and versatile option, as they come in a range of colours and can be made to fit any size window or door.

Our shutter collection comes in a variety of different wood types, all beautifully crafted to suit all styles and budgets, a choice of six shutter styles and over 100 painted and stained finishes and colours are available.  And you can even choose to have your shutters painted to match your colour scheme by opting for one of the thousands of custom colours.

Our collection also provides the ideal solution for awkward or unusual shaped windows as a shutters can be made to fit almost any forms.  Ideal for arched, circular or hexagonal window shapes.
We also have a waterproof shutter range “Vienna” which is perfect for bathrooms & wet rooms.

  • Tier-on-tier: Two sets of panels, one on top of each other that operate independently of each other
  • Full Height: The most popular option, single full height panels that cover the whole window, can have a mid-rail or split tilt location to control light according to your needs.
  • Café Style: Panels that cover only part of the window, ideal for large Georgian windows to keep privacy.
  • Tracked: A tracked shutter is used for larger windows & door openings where more support is required for multiple doors that concertina back.  Ideal Bi-Fold Doors.
  • Solid: Solid Wood Panels that cover the window or door entirely.
  • Shaped Shutters: Bespoke panels to fit unusual and awkward shaped windows.

Choose slats that are proportional to the size of your window. As a rule of thumb the wider the slat, the more light that comes in.  Larger slats work better on bigger windows and are perfect for a contemporary environment
As well as ensuring privacy and security, our collection features adjustable louvres, available in 47, 63, 89 and 114mm options, for optimum light control and means of soundproofing and insulating rooms and interiors.

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